Innovation starts with a dream and a plan We offer flexible solutions which help your business to grow UGC Monetization with our technology Collect royalties every time your music is streamed around the world with YouTube Content ID. Media Chain Management monitor, analise, protect Global television and radio monitoring for usage analysis and copyright protection.

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Many distributors also provide this service, however many only have permission to monetize sound recordings. If your provider is not reporting a separate line item in your statements, along with URLs to every claimed video, you probably aren’t collecting Content ID royalties.
Label Music is a full service administrator with a direct deal with YouTube and handles both sound recordings and compositions, which generates 50% more money than claims made by only sound recordings. If you have a partnered channel then you may have limited access to Content ID but only for your video uploads which won’t generate the audio-only matches that make up the likely majority of possible claims for musicians.
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All serious music professionals register their music in YouTube Content ID, while 90% of independent artists don’t even know about it. If you don’t use it, then you are allowing YouTube and the video uploader to keep your earnings

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