Innovation starts with a dream and a plan We offer flexible solutions which help your business to grow UGC Monetization with our technology Collect royalties every time your music is streamed around the world with YouTube Content ID. Media Chain Management monitor, analise, protect Global television and radio monitoring for usage analysis and copyright protection.

Label Music Solution

Label Music Solution is the only rights management technology business that brings a deep data engineering approach to solving the industry’s royalty collection issues. With most of our team consisting of software engineers, we are fixated on cleaning and maintaining complete and accurate catalogue and platform data, which is essential to maximizing royalty collections across services such as YouTube and Facebook.

Rights Data Management

Rights Data Management Our rights data system continuously monitors, cleans, and syncs our clients’ catalog rights data with YouTube Content ID and Facebook Rights ID, automatically identifying and repairing issues with revenue-critical data points, including ownership, territory, collection percentage, policy, and asset-level information, to ensure nothing slips through collections.